Thursday, August 22, 2013

Holy Hannah !

Time flies ! I didn't realize it had been THAT long since I'd updated. I thought maybe a few weeks, but over a month. My poor lost readers ;]

So in that past month.

Going back to work was hard, but honestly it was just the first few days. Luckily I have such an amazing flexible job and incredible co workers that it's not like I'm here slaving away for 40hrs a week [probably like I should be !] I always have a few hours in the morning with Logan to play, and hang out and talk to while I get ready for work and put him to sleep, so I get some snuggles in. And then I'm home before I know it. And Chris pretty much passes him off for the rest of the night. Which is nice, because I miss my baby. Which isn't so nice when dinner needs to get made, house cleaned, stuff done, etc. But refer to last post where that stuff can wait because growing babies definitely don't wait.

Logan is growing so fast. I swear he's 3 feet long [not really but he sprawls out across me when I'm done feeding him and it seems like it] and he's a little chunk. He has moved on to his 3-6 month clothes and even some of those are a tiny bit tight. He's not even 4 months yet !! How can he be growing out of clothes that are supposed to last 3 months. He'll be 4 months next week. Time flies.

He's sitting up, not completely by himself. He loves his bumbo seat. He sits in it while I clean or cook and talks to me. He loves just jabbering away. Always. He gets so animated when he's on his changing table. It's hilarious. I'm just glad he's not screaming while he's getting his diaper changed. Those days will come I'm sure.

He's been sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks now. I think one night in there he woke up once. I'll take it. One night outta twenty. Why am I so spoiled with this perfect little baby ? So many of my friends are having babies right now ! It's been like every month since February at least one pops up in my news feed. I love seeing their little chubby faces ! It makes me miss when mine was a little guy. And watching the last few posts of pregnancy bellies, makes me definitely miss being pregnant. I get so excited to get pregnant again ! Whenever people talk about more babies, or trying or whatever, I'm like aw, I want to get pregnant again. I'm so glad it was such a great experience. Fingers crossed they're all like that [HA, jokes on me I know]. Maybe next fall. Even though Chris said this fall since "I'm getting so old" THANKS!

Today's my hubby's bday. Big 2-5. He's so little. He's dreading it. He doesn't like getting old. It made me sad that he said 25 and never accomplished anything. Excuse me? He has an absolutely adorable little boy. Perfect. We've been married for 3 wonderful years. He's starting his last year of college and he'll have a degree before he's 26. He served a mission and loved it. Hello bilingual ! He's so accomplished and incredible. Most people haven't figured out anything by 25 and he's leaps and bounds ahead of them ! He's wonderful and I'm so glad I get to spend eternity with him and get to celebrate him today !

I've started going to the gym with Patti. She's my personal trainer who tells me I have to do 25 flutter kicks. Or 15, FIFTEEN satans... but it will pay off. Hopefully. If not, we have fun. We get to joke and laugh harder than we probably should at the gym. But its good times.

Chris started a UPS. He hates getting up so early. 515am-9am. ugh. But he does it. So that he can bring in a little bit of extra cash and be home to take care of the baby. It gets me to work later than I'd like and I feel horrible, but it beats $100's a week for day care that we'd only need for a few hours a day. He works so hard. I can't imagine hauling boxes is easy work. Especially at 6am. But he does it.

Logan went to the baby sitters for the first time this past week. Just so me and Chris could run around and get some errands done and so Suzie could "get used to him." He did just fine. I'm sure she wouldn't have any problems. But she's such an angel and a huge blessing for helping us out. It's insane how things have worked so perfectly for us! Blessing. I'm telling you. Obedience = blessings !!

Ok. No more rambling. I'm excited for the next few weeks & September. Logan's 4 months. Chris starts his senior year of college [yay for 4 yr degrees in 4 years!] I get to turn 27 [yuck]. Fall is beautiful around here. I love the trees changing. So much going on and I love it !

Some pictures of my adorable baby. Enjoy !

Look at that forearm roll ! Who has a forearm roll !! Fatties !

My beautiful little Mickey <3

Sitting like a big boy in his Bumbo !

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