Monday, June 23, 2014

Is anyone there?

Hello world. I know, I know. You've missed me. What the heck ! It's been forever. I guess you could say life got busy. But that's a little of an understatement. Life has been insane ! Ridiculous, whatever you want to say.

Ever since Chris left, its been one thing after the next and just so much to do and only one me to do it! Logan obviously keeps me busy anyways, but having to juggle him, work, home, errands, calling, any type of social life, AH. I sing your praises all you single working moms who do this ALL. THE. TIME. ::bowing to the floor:: "I am not worthy!" You're awesome.

Logan and I have had 3 plane trips the last 2 months (less than!?). 13 flights (from take off to landing). I need to add up the miles. He really is the best traveler. So good. Even if he's a little fussy, he's not the crying kid for 3 hours. He lets me throw him in his stroller and run across the airport. Speaking of that, don't fly into Atlanta. I officially hate that airport, and the people hate me. Or at least aren't personable and don't care if I say anything. Rude.

Ok, so first off. We've adjusted ok to Chris being gone. Logan has the best baby sitter who just jumps right in and takes care of him. We love Abby. And work is work. Same old. Still having stupid hiccups in cells growing, as usual, but nothing earth shattering. We did get published again. Woot!

We went to Utah for my moms wedding. That was a roller coaster of a week. It was really great to be around family, and see everyone, and mostly everyone to see Logan. I love the traditions we have with my mom's side of the family and I really want for my kids to experience those. So it's a huge blessing to be able to go out. Not sure how much more we're going to be able to seeing as tickets are ridiculous and he will start needing his own next year. But we got to run around and see friends, and SLC, and temples and eat yummy food. I was able to go to the new Brigham City Temple and recharge, and even church on Sunday gave me a little boost. Life gets tough sometimes, and especially when I'm out of my environment. But I survived. It was a good trip.

Came home, back to work for a week, a whole week ! And then we were off again to go see Chris. I had to get down to see him. It had been a month. I was going crazy. I decided it would be cute to be down there over Father's Day. The trip was good, in the idea that I got to see Chris, and spend a little bit of time with him, but with him working, and weird hours, and then even Tuesday when he took off of work, we didn't do anything, but sleep, and lounge, which is nice. It's nice to just have him there next to me. But I wish it was longer, I wish we could have spent more time together. Logan was just warming up to him after the first 2 days, and then we left 2 days later. Poor kid. Chris had a blast watching him though. I guess he does all kinds of crazy things now, which I don't realize when they started so they aren't new to me. But he loves it.  He really is such a fun kid, and so funny. Makes me laugh all the time.

And then we're here now. Just more work. Busy getting stuff planned and re planned and unplanned for Madison. She gets home today and it so exciting! A year and half went by SO fast. It's mind boggling. But she'll be here tonight. And then starts the whirlwind of three weeks until the wedding. I'm excited about doing their pictures. I think they're going to be really cute and fun to capture. I feel like couples would be anyways because they're so in love, and these two are cute and goofy and just SO excited to be back together. I'm excited for them. It's all going to come together, and whatever doesn't, doesn't matter. What matters are two people, who have served the Lord for 2 years, and remained worthy to go to the Temple and be sealed for eternity. Nothing else matters. I hope everyone remembers that.

So work. Normal life. Youth stuff. Which just seems to keep getting worse. One day we'll have a break. I just keep thinking every diligent thing is another drop in my lamp of preparation, another lesson, another activity, another drop. Blessing in Heaven. Motivation.  Just keeping busy until the NEXT trip in 3 weeks, nope 2 1/2 weeks. UGH. Luckily this one is driving, which I don't know if that's better or worse. Whatever. DC, NJ, NY. Woo. Weddings. Sealings. Beach. Friends. So excited. So proud.

OH and ya know, somewhere in the mix Chris and I reached 4 years. Happy anniversary to us. June 11. Good times. We didn't do anything obviously. His mom dropped off flowers for me because Chris is too sweet. I went and flew to see him, so he can just be happy with that ! But, now I guess I gotta update the banner for the blog again. Now we're 4 years down, eternity to go. Weird. Had this blog for three years. Fun fun !

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