Monday, April 8, 2013

Good news !

SOOOO don't go see The Host. Especially if you read the book. I just wanted to laugh the whole time. So depressing. They tried. They really did... ::sigh:: but even non-read-bookers didn't have nice rave reviews. I heard "it was better than Twilight", "maybe the book was good, but that was the cheesiest movie I've ever seen" and then one "i liked it." My cute little sister in law who has read the book really actually liked it. I was shocked. But she is 14. So.. we'll blame that. This was really important to tell you, more like warn you, hence it being first. Except that it's not anywhere near important !

Where to start ! SO MUCH INFORMATION!

WE GOT OUR HOUSE ! Or "the" house. Chris says he feels weird calling it our house, cause it's not "ours" but whatever. We're living there, it will be our home for the next year to 18 months. Its ours!! But it closed Friday ! WOO! We went and looked at it Saturday. I love it so ! And got the bag of ridiculous keys. I swear, like 30 keys came with this house. Ya know.. really? Cause you need that many... except you do. And that night I moved the baby stuff in to his purple (tehe) room. So we have a living room back. That still feels tiny. Now that there's a huge living room waiting for me ! And then Chris moved his bike [out of my kitchen !! or hallway] into the house, and its all hung up on the existing hangers in the garage. He was so giddy. I love it. And moved two bookcases and books. AH. It's a start. We have random holes of empty space in our apartment. I LOVE IT! So now, I think we're getting paint today. WOO. So my cute baby boy doesn't have a purple room. And to get ride of the ugly stenciled border in the dining room [total 90's, so adorbs, gag] and the blue-blue-BLUE living room. I'm pretty much just excited in general to do anything cause it means this is finally happening ! So paint at least one room tonight [prob. the babes] and get that drying so I can start getting that set up. Then the living room when we have more time [anyone like to paint?] and the dining room cause really.. who cares as long as it gets done. So we can finally move EVERYTHING in. It will definitely be in short little car loads cause we don't have to be out until the 1st. OH. Yeah. Good news. My landlady isn't a totaly @#&^$! [translated into... witch...]. Chris went to drop off our "written" official notice [him, not me cause I hate her] and since it's the 8th that would be 30 days/1 month to May 8th.  BUT my sweet husband wooed her and she said we can just go to the end of this month so that saves us a week and we don't have to pro-rate and, and and. WE PUT IN OUR NOTICE ! AHHH. 2 years and 9 months... Finally. FINALLY. OK. So house. YAY.

Next, General Conference. LOVE Conference. And don't worry if you missed my invitation to watch last week. They post them all, video, text, whatever you want ! So you can catch up on all the awesome-ness here ! I can't even begin to say what was my favorite, what stood out most. I got the overall vibe from a lot of talks about finding peace and trusting the Lord in these troubled times. And oh how we need it. If you seriously are stressed about the world, the horrible path we're on, just the insane things going on in society... there were quite a few talks addressing this issue. Like my previous post, we are here on earth to have joy, to find/make happiness and have peace in our lives. God didn't send us here to torture us and put us through this horrible situations without giving us the tools to handle them. Look it up. Seriously. Go now. Here, again!

So yeah. Conference rocked. My house is awesome. Yup. Great weekend.

I'm sure some other stuff has happened in the last week... My belly is all itchy and gross again, which I'm ecstatic about because it means it's growing, which means Logan finally got the memo to stop growing up into my ribs and decided to venture into the vertical growth pattern. THANK YOU! So really, nothing like waiting until the last month. Terd. And he's adorable. And awesome. And the cutest little baby. I really wish I was having another ultrasound this week and now having to wait another 2. Maybe Doc will change his mind. Probably not. I'm still fearing he'll wait too long to check him out and he'll be too big and I won't be able to deliver and I'll karate chop the doctor in the neck... Or not. We'll see. OR the complete opposite will happen and he'll come early [which I swear, I have the most honest to goodness feeling this kid isn't lasting another 4 weeks, he's gonna be an April baby. WATCH!] and like a fellow mommy in our church, had to deliver her kid at home. AT HOME. Her husband was on the phone with 911... and delivered the baby. UM... no. Silly crazy me has decided I need my hospital bag packed like yesterday... I've got the essentials.. HAHA. Hotel soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Oh and my free Enfamil welcome hospital baby something kit coupon. Only the good stuff goes in my bag. It's pretty pathetic. And I've started reading "natural" birthing tips, not cause I'm crazy [no offense any of you anti drugging my baby moms] and won't get an epidural, but if I'm delivering in my house/car/side of the road... I doubt I'll have an epidural handy. THAT needs to go into my hospital bag. Duh.

And... that's all my brain can handle at the moment.

House: check. Painting will start. Moving in will keep going. 3 weeks to go people. Starting picking your days to help [j/k.. unless you really will, then uh, call me!]
Baby: um.. we're getting there.
Work: is awesome as always. Everyone's getting ready to leave me to go to Boston. Lame.
Church: same old. We need new familys. I'm sick of everyone. j/k. Sorta.
Chris: I love my husband. He's incredible. I love him sitting next to me in conference sorta paying attention cause it was so hard to not let your mind wander back to all the things we need/can do to the house ! And having his schedule planned so this time next year he'll be gearing up to graduate. WOO for 4-year degrees in.. I don't know, 4 years !?

Forgot to get a 35 week picture last Sunday. So this was from Easter Sunday. Deal with it.
Our cute little family. My ginormous belly :]

Baby survey !

How far along? 36 weeks. 
Total weight gain: 17 since last appt. Find out Thursday!
Maternity clothes? Love. And have branched out into Chris' tshirts since mine don't exactly reach far enough...
Stretch marks? I think I've spotted some on the lower belly. But only like 1. And now with all this last minute stretching, I'm sure they'll start cropping up !
Sleep: is off and on. Last night I only got up once. And it really isn't the baby. It's usually to pee or to push Chris until he stops snoring.     
Best moment this week: Chris' reaction to feeling the baby with hiccups vs him saying I can't wait to meet him, but I can also wait the 4 more weeks so we can get ready <3 He's never said he can't wait for him to be here ! 
Miss Anything? Not being addicted to Tums. Yummy. And leaning forward without going numb/not breathing.
Movement: All the time. ALL-THE-TIME.
Food cravings: Peaches cause I haven't seen any good ones. Almost thru my 120398 batch of strawberries. Yummmmmy
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 
Labor Signs: Horrible hip pain from "baby descending/ligaments loosening" according to the baby blogs. Oh joy. And the same old crampy muscle pains... stupid contractions?
Symptoms: Heartburn. I'm fat. I waddle. I have the worst edema. Not really. But I need to move, I can't sit with my feet propped up on a pillow all day...

Belly Button in or out? In forever. and ever. It will never pop out. SAD DAY.
Wedding rings on or off? Off. I can get them on for maybe an hour. And then it cuts off circulation. :/
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Right now, I couldn't be more happy. I can finally get stuff ready. WOO !!
Looking forward to: Painting the house. Getting stuff set up. My "naked" appointment later this week. See what's up with little Logan !

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