Monday, August 13, 2012

The Mystery Mix CD

So I hate Mondays. Not the usual "why is the weekend over" hate, but sick in my heart, I'm holding back tears kind of hating Mondays.  So I got up late, didn't eat breakfast, didn't want to get here. Do what little I have to do and keep busy until my meeting at 230pm (that goes until at least 5, cool!) I'm looking for jobs, everyday checking the usual sites, cause I just hate coming here on Mondays, well everyday, but Mondays especially. I live for Friday at 330pm.

After a boring, stupid typical day at my cubicle, I decide to go get lunch (a salad, I'm trying to be good) and the tire pressure lights on. So I consult the user manual just to be sure it's not something silly. Like the last time we thought my check engine light was on and it was just the oil change reminder light (cars have those?).  While looking through my zipper folder of papers, I found a burned CD, unmarked, no name nothing. Ok, does my Matrix come with a "welcome to Toyota" intro CD? Pop it in while I'm enjoying my Wendys Berry Salad (yummy btw) and Nickleback comes on... ok? Next, We The Kings "Say Yes Juliet." Gay guy? Love stricken girl? What is this? Some old school Phil Collins love ballad, what else... my wedding song, Hero by Enrique Iglesias... oh yeah ! What else... !! All these cheesy "I love you girl" songs. Now I'm wondering what this CD's back story is? Did some guy make it for a girl, trying to win her back (there were "sorry, she wasn't anyone, take me back" songs) or some lonely girl making a CD with all these beautiful (HA) love songs to cry to? Hey, I've made my fair share of cheesy CD's. But would I ever hide mine in the glove compartment, in the zipper folder, behind ALL the manuals and papers? And forget it?

My imaginations crazy and I've got like 10 back stories for this silly little CD. Why didn't I become a writer?

There's a little glimpse into my mind. Sorry ! Enjoy, & happy monday/first day of school !

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